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Wesso Centrifuge "Plow bar" reengineered for a longer life…

A large oilfield equipment manufacturer, a longtime customer, came to us in January 2014 with a problem with a consumable plow bar that attaches to their centrifuge machines. The plows were historically made out of stainless steel and were used to "plow" material away from the machine as it operates. The plows were expensive, and were breaking almost every 3 weeks. This not only resulted in a high cost of replacing the stainless steel bars themselves, but also the cost of the repair person to replace the parts and, most importantly, the cost of the machine downtime.

Wesso worked to understand the application of these products and the way in which the machines were used in the field. After understanding the situation, Wesso worked with the customers' engineers to design and build a custom plow made from a unique grade of tungsten carbide. The plow needed to be strong and withstand some impact, but allow for good wear resistance. After the newly redesigned plows were put in to service, the customer saw an increased wear life to over 3 months per plow. In addition, the redesigned parts out of tungsten carbide are now saving the customer over 40% a year. A true win-win scenario.

Let Wesso help take your problem part to the next level.