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Wear Blocks

Wear Blocks
Wear Blocks

A Better Design…

A customer rebuilding a decanter centrifuge came to us looking for a solution to a problem: plows are costly to replace when they break.

The Wesso Wear Block was born.

On most brands of decanter centrifuges, the wiper surfaces have plows that are 4", 8" or even over a foot in length. Many plows are made of stainless steel and hardfaced with carbide, others are made of solid carbide. Regardless, the wear pattern is often times concentrated in one area. This leads to the problem of having to replace the entire bar if it breaks.

In searching for an economical solution, we developed the Wesso Wear Block as a versatile bolt on product. Made from our custom-formulated grade of tungsten carbide proven to last longer and be more durable than the rest, these blocks conveniently interlock to form a straight bar with a countersink bolt hole. These wear blocks are used as a substitute for any standard wiper or plow.

The main advantage to adopting these wear blocks in your centrifuge design or in your rebuild is cost. With the interlocking design, the rebuilder can replace only the section of interlocked bar that was broken or damaged due to the concentrated flow of material.

The Wesso Wear Block is a versatile product that can be adapted to any brand of decanter centrifuge. Give our interlocking wear blocks a try - better design can save you money.

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